Bundling / Kitting
Bundles and kits are a great way for retailers to simplify purchase decisions and ensure customer satisfaction by pairing complementary and compatible items for sale as a single unit. Bundling allows the retailer to provide unique offerings, while adding a host of other benefits such as increased margins, lower transactional costs and increased customer retention.
Differentiate your offerings!
Reduce returns rates!
No comparison shopping!

A bundle from Microsel is sold as a unit, and even possesses its own unique UPC number. A great cost savings can be realized at the consumer level when purchasing a bundle vs. buying the components individually. The components typically ship together in the same box, so a significant savings on freight is also attained.

Microsel has relationships with some of the largest manufacturers in the world. We stock quality components from major manufacturers, and we have the ability to drop-ship directly to customers, or ship to your facilities for further distribution.