For Retailers
Partner with Microsel for instant connection to our vast product offerings and enable direct-to-customer fulfillment. Leverage our strong manufacturer relationships, attention to detail and proven operational success to take your business to new heights.
Drop-Ship / Direct Fulfillment
Fuel E-commerce growth with minimal effort. We provide all marketing copy and images, an updated inventory feed and stay connected via EDI or web portal.
Align with a drop-ship partner with a proven track record of fulfilling orders quickly and accurately, while providing the best service to your customers
Launch selected products or entire lines without having to invest in inventory or deal with warehousing and shipping hassles
Bundling / Kitting
Differentiate your offerings from the competition while adding value
Reduce return rates and increase overall customer satisfaction by providing a superior out-of-box experience
Bundles are custom assigned with their own unique UPC, making them difficult to comparison shop
Assortment Management with Dedicated Ops Team
Professional team dedicated to inventory management, pricing strategy, and product marketing
Knowledgeable product managers stay up to date on the latest and greatest technology and product offerings (Merchandise Planning)
Daily pricing updates to keep items competitive in market
Integration with Popular Portals & EDI
Microsel has the ability to integrate with any retailer, regardless of size or technical sophistication.
Existing connections to popular EDI portals, including CommerceHub, SPS Commerce and others.
Exchange data in any format, including EDI, XML, flat files and custom file formats
Custom, branded packing slips and labels (professional image)
Automated order processing ensures order accuracy
Scheduled batch processing to ensure prompt data transmission throughout the day for complete retailer visibility.
Fully integrated shipping solution promptly updates shipment tracking numbers throughout the day
Compliance Experts
Full compliance with all retailer business rules & best practices
Custom branded packing slips and labels for a seamless customer experience
Responsive team dedicated to resolve any issues that may arise in a timely fashion
Inventory Management & Dynamic Warehousing
High in-stock rate across entire assortment
Expanded item availability during peak seasons to ensure item availability
Access to real time inventory available 24/7
Constant analysis of item sales velocity to identify & address underperforming items