For Manufacturers
Drop-ship / Fulfillment Program – Partner with Microsel for instant access to our vast network of major retailers & e-tailers.
Drop-Ship / Direct Fulfillment
Extend your sales reach to world-class retailers/e-tailers with minimal investment
Microsel’s best-in-class fulfillment capabilities position manufacturers to grow existing retail accounts, as well as secure new customers
Test new product lines and customer segments without incurring the risks typically associated with growth
Align with a drop-ship partner with a proven track record
Product and Line Management
Effective SKU-level management of all product lines, including daily competitive analysis of assortments
Analysis of trends and reporting to manufacturers as requested
Product life cycle management
Bundling / Kitting
Differentiate your offerings in commoditized product categories while adding value
Uncover new sales opportunities and channels
Develop more profitable retailer relationships
Reporting & Inventory Management
Quarterly, monthly & weekly sales reporting as requested
On Hand inventory reporting as needed
Item turnover reporting and weekly assortment analysis / forecasting
Marketing Programs & Promotions
Find and create promotional opportunities across all of our retail partners
Create brand awareness through targeted campaigns and promo activities
Capitalize on retailer momentum with prime product placement and special offers
Creation and delivery of promo assets (graphics, copy, etc.) and promotional fund management as needed
New Markets
Identify potential new customers and make connections
Easily test individual SKUs/lines with minimal up-front investment
Rapidly assort new items across retail partners with ease